Gaining knowledge and peer network with LRA

from Jim Morgan, Senior Vice President of Communications, Tulsa Regional Chamber LRA Tulsa Class 3 (Fall 2016) As a regular attendee of professional development seminars and workshops, I found the Schnake Turnbo Frank Leadership & Reputation Academy to be a truly superior learning experience. Both its curriculum and its environment were outstanding. From a curriculum perspective, the topics covered during the eight sessions were well chosen for working professionals seeking to advance their careers. I found particular value in the discussions around generational work styles, inclusive workplaces and work-life balance. The interactive dialogues were engaging, and the practical applications of skills such as public speaking and crisis communications were extremely beneficial. Regarding the environment created, I especially enjoyed the chance to get to know my fellow classmates on breaks and at additional mixers. And, just as the instructors predicted we would, many of us have stayed in touch in the months since graduation. The importance of building a strong peer support network is undeniable, and I found this part of the experience as valuable as the curriculum. I highly recommend the STF Leadership & Reputation Academy to all who are interested in advancing their careers and building their network. It is well worth the... read more

Why You Can’t Quit Instagram and The Psychology of Escalating Commitment

On the heels of the Instagram’s announcement about Stories an old timer, at the ripe age of 25, declared that she would refuse to use Instagram Stories and that she had heard some people were quitting Instagram over this change. This conversation escalated into a debate about quitting some platforms because of some change they made – to privacy settings, page layout, algorithm, etc.

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Leadership development, the Schnake way.

Shortly after becoming a partner at our firm in 2007, I asked our founder, the late Chuck Schnake, for some advice.

“I’m new in this role,” I said. “And I know it’s different. But I’m having trouble understanding what I’m supposed to be doing differently. I know I’m on the next step of the ladder now, but I can’t articulate how that affects my everyday work.”

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Schnake Turnbo Frank announces new partner, promotion

Schnake Turnbo Frank, a strategic communications and management consulting firm with offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, announced it has promoted David Wagner to partner and chief financial officer, and Bill Handy to executive vice president of strategic services.

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Your Brand Promise: Three ways to test its effectiveness

It’s bad communication (not to mention, bad business) to over-promise and under-deliver. But what happens when the reverse is true? What happens when a company is doing great work, but inconsistent or unfocused communication leaves potential customers in the dark about their exceptional products or services?

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Why Writing Still Matters

Writing is a dying art. I hear that all the time, but it’s not true.
The written word is still a very critical part of everyday communication. We send emails, we post Facebook updates and we answer text messages. We also draft blogs, produce annual reports and create “catchy” language for billboards.
That’s writing. It’s not a dying art; it’s an evolving one.

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Facebook Change – Winners, Losers and What to Do

The announcement of Facebook Instant Articles is an interesting shift for the company, becoming a publisher of original content for The New York Times, National Geographic, BuzzFeed, NBC, The blog-22-image-400x250Atlantic, The Guardian, BBC News, Spiegel, Bild and others to be announced in the future.

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