Crisis Management

A crisis can happen to anyone at any time. It’s been called “the golden hour” – those first 60 minutes after a crisis hits. How an organization responds can literally make or break its reputation. Much of that response is contingent upon wise, fast decisions. However, many of those decisions, and much of the strategy and preparation, can be developed long in advance.

Our Approach: As part of our overall services, STF provides strategic communication response to provide our clients with message development and support to respond effectively in a crisis situation. In some cases, we are preparing clients in advance for a crisis that might occur in the future. We offer crisis communications training, which is an extensive half-day training session that helps individuals develop the skills to effectively represent their organization during the first few hours of an emergency.

Unfortunately, not all crises can be predicted or prepared for in advance. For these instances, we offer 24/7 crisis response services and are available around the clock for assistance. When a crisis hits, we first provide a thorough evaluation of the situation at hand and the resulting communications needed. We then work with the client to identify target audiences, communication channels and key messages.

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