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In today’s technology driven world, every business sector is placing increased emphasis on engaging its customers online. Organizations have opportunities for multiple points of digital engagement to attract new business, increase the number of repeat customers and ensure its digital footprint best represents the image it wants to project.

STF offers strategic digital engagement services as a standard part of communications consulting. By carefully orchestrating your digital engagement to complement other services STF provides, STF’s digital services will maximize the return on the investment you make in your overall communications strategy. Moreover, STF’s holistic approach to digital engagement will take you far beyond the latest social media trends by creating a solid foundation for online engagement and long-term strategies to move your organization forward.


STF will gather, analyze and interpret important information about your online footprint as well as your industry, customers and competition to help you make solid business decisions. We can also keep you informed about the changing digital landscape so you know you’re on the right path. Our recommendations will lead to immediate results for your organization. Back to Top


STF assists clients in learning the landscape of social media and understanding how digital engagement can support business goals. In addition, we’ll help you determine which platforms are the best investment of your resources, train your team to effectively engage your audience, and formulate best practices to infuse digital engagement into your every day business functions. Back to Top


STF can serve as a strategic extension of your communications team. From campaign development to content creation to training, STF can step in when you need assistance to compliment your team’s activities. Back to Top


STF will help you develop the necessary foundation to keep your digital engagement running like a well-oiled machine, as well use technology to improve internal processes. We’ll hold your hand every step of the way to ensure your digital infrastructure is solid and sustainable. Back to Top


Your website is your online storefront and is often first stop for customers when they want to find out more about your organization. With our background firmly rooted in strategic communications, STF ensures your site is easily found, makes a great first impression and provides customers with the information they need. Our strategists, designers and developers work collaboratively to ensure visitors are engaged from their first click, persuading visitors to take action and setting you apart from your competitors. From brand new websites to SEO services, STF  has all the tools you need to maximize your web presence. Back to Top


STF can help you capture social data to learn more about your customers to provide better products, customer service and targeted messages. Combined with automated processes, we can help you achieve sales goals in less time and with less expense. Back to Top


Multimedia is the combination of text, sound and motion video.  Our multimedia specialist, Jack Frank, is an expert and combining these three mediums.

With more than 20 years of experience creating multimedia masterpieces, we can help your organization determine the best way to present your message.  Whether you need a simple interview shoot, a 30 second commercial or a half hourfeature, we can help.

We offer a wide array of creative capabilities, including website design, development, motion graphics, video and branding.

To meet our director of visual content visit Jack Frank’s pageBack to Top


You are the expert about your organization and for that reason, there is no better person to manage your digital communication efforts than you. However, learning to use the tools can be overwhelming and is often your greatest obstacle to success. STF provides training which covers everything from the fundamentals of strategic communication to how to effectively manage inbound marketing.Back to Top

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