Executive Coaching

Our coaching experience involves one-on-one interactions between the coaching client and a skilled coach to strengthen interpersonal relationships, leading to increased accountability and an empowered culture. While the focus is usually tied to organizational goals, coaching may serve a personal component as well. The STF coach is an adviser and a sounding board, a strategic thought partner who helps the coaching client meet improvement goals.

STF will invest the time to build a foundation and set expectations with each coaching client. It is important to gain an understanding of the desired outcomes and success by articulating the coaching process and the coach’s role during the process. This is a critical aspect of the relationship, as the most successful relationships are built on trust, honesty and candor. We can identify the coaching client’s strengths, as well as those areas where they may be more vulnerable and, therefore, where more focus should be exerted to transition those vulnerabilities into a more positive outcome.

In an effort to get familiar with the coaching client’s leadership style and overall effectiveness, if deemed appropriate by the coaching client, we may conduct a 360° assessment and/or behavioral assessment. These assessments give us more insight into the coaching client’s strengths, weaknesses and behavioral tendencies.

Other elements of the plan might include establishing priorities with regard to community networking and community relations recommendations specific to the client’s needs and interests, which includes introductions and expediting board placement and leadership opportunities. Also, public speaking and presentation coaching are included as needed.

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