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PR has evolved over the last 40 years. So have we.Public Relations Firm

Public Relations, Strategic Communications, Integrated Communications – whatever you want to call it, we have 40+ years of building relationships between organizations and their stakeholders.

From media relations to crisis communications to social media strategy to corporate communications, Schnake Turnbo Frank is a PR firm with the reputation and strategic manpower to move your organization forward. With offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, we serve clients nationwide.

We believe effective communication drives engagement. STF works to ensure clear communications with the purpose of persuading and influencing your target audience.

Converged media occurs when two or more channels of paid, owned and earned media are working together to share a consistent storyline, look and feel. But converged media is just a tactic that supports organization or campaign strategy and objectives.

Our Approach: As part of our overall services, STF provides integrated marketing communications support. Our integrated and converged approach has been refined over time, allowing us to move away from traditional “siloed” efforts often found in organizations. Converging your paid, owned and earned media provides exponential reach and more clearly articulate critical messages to targeted audiences. Moving beyond converged media, we focus on integrated marketing communications, creating long-term relationships using multiple forms of communication.

Integrated communications builds brand differentiation and develops trust through consistency. By creating an integrated approach, we are able to cut through message clutter by working together rather than focusing on single strategies.

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