We want you to be a leader in your organization or department, not just a boss. So, we’re calling 2019 the year of leadership development.

We realize it’s the middle of January and all of the hot takes on professional and personal development have already been shared but here are a few of the reasons why we feel leadership development is so important:

  1. We believe there is a direct correlation between an organization’s reputation and its leadership.
  2. Excelling at the next level requires relationship-building, conflict management, strategic thinking, and presentation skills, to name a few.
  3. Leadership development boosts employee engagement and retention.

There are a couple ways to grow in your profession in 2019. Consider joining a professional networking group, sign up for a leadership development class, join a master class or find an executive coach or mentor.

For the fifth year, Schnake Turnbo Frank is continuing to advance professionals through our Leadership & Reputation Academy, an intense eight-part executive education course aimed at new and emerging leaders. We offer classes in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Bartlesville and Dallas. Learn more about Leadership & Reputation Academy.

Since 2015, more than 300 people from 100 companies have participated in our Leadership and Reputation Academy. We’re thrilled to announce we’re expanding our Leadership & Reputation Academy to the Dallas metro area. We’re partnering with Something Good Consulting Group to launch the first LRA – Dallas in January 2019.

Leadership & Reputation Academy is an intense, eight-week Executive Education course aimed at new and emerging leaders. Classes range from 25-30 diverse participants interested in advancing their leadership skills. In addition to our own time-tested, proprietary content, we draw on materials from a variety of respected sources, including the Harvard Business Review, best-selling authors, and successful corporate executives.
The program focuses on leadership development, personal growth and networking. This academy prepares emerging leaders, invests in talent development and is cost-effective compared to out-of-state business schools.

Interested in signing up for LRA-Dallas? Contact Russ Florence at russ@schnake.com or Tyler Riddell at tyler_riddell@somethinggoodcg.com. If you enroll by Jan. 2, you’ll receive an early registration discount.

from Jim Morgan, Senior Vice President of Communications, Tulsa Regional Chamber
LRA Tulsa Class 3 (Fall 2016)

As a regular attendee of professional development seminars and workshops, I found the Schnake Turnbo Frank Leadership & Reputation Academy to be a truly superior learning experience. Both its curriculum and its environment were outstanding.

From a curriculum perspective, the topics covered during the eight sessions were well chosen for working professionals seeking to advance their careers. I found particular value in the discussions around generational work styles, inclusive workplaces and work-life balance. The interactive dialogues were engaging, and the practical applications of skills such as public speaking and crisis communications were extremely beneficial.

Regarding the environment created, I especially enjoyed the chance to get to know my fellow classmates on breaks and at additional mixers. And, just as the instructors predicted we would, many of us have stayed in touch in the months since graduation. The importance of building a strong peer support network is undeniable, and I found this part of the experience as valuable as the curriculum.

I highly recommend the STF Leadership & Reputation Academy to all who are interested in advancing their careers and building their network. It is well worth the investment.