Chuck Schnake

Our firm was founded in 1970 by our friend and mentor, the late Chuck Schnake. “Sir Chuck,” as he was known, was the consummate professional – innately curious, humble and witty. Chuck Schnake was the firm’s conscience, visionary, mentor and biggest cheerleader.

While considered a coach, he didn’t just spend time on the sidelines. He was active. Chuck churned out ideas by the bucketful, and he managed to ask some pretty savvy questions along the way. In the program of his memorial service in 2009, his affection for PR was described like this:

“He loved the public relations profession. He loved the firm, and the people who worked there. He adored them all. Nothing made him prouder than seeing them succeed, and grow, and learn. He loved being in the room when the sparks were flying, when the ideas were churning. He’d toss one into the air, encourage the group to knock it around, watch it catch fire. And then he would beam. Man, he lived for days like that.”

Public relations has changed through the years, dozens of employees have started their career at the firm, and many have flourished. However, the one constant has been Chuck Schnake’s philosophy:

Live well. Do what’s right. Work hard. Have fun. Be good to the people around you. The rest will take care of itself.

Education: bachelor’s in journalism, University of Missouri

Passions: public relations, St. Louis Cardinals, learning

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