We believe there is a direct correlation between an organization’s reputation and its leadership.

Schnake Turnbo Frank is skilled at guiding employers through a restructuring process, ultimately minimizing the risk of ill-will and avoiding a potential crisis, by providing outplacement services to displaced employees, crisis communication support and personalized trainings to support remaining managers.

Employee Support

STF recommends Career Transition Coaching and Career Transition Workshops to equip employees with the tools and support needed to move forward and succeed. Services include results-driven job search, assessment tools, resume preparation, LinkedIn/Online profile preparation, interactive interviewing, offer negotiation support, networking and recruiter connections. STF can also provide an office workspace to coaching candidates by sharing our Tulsa and Oklahoma City offices.

  • Career Transition Coaching for Executive Team Members
    • Also available for Junior Executives and Key Executives.
  • Career Transition Workshop & Personality Assessment for Mid-Level Leaders (2-day)
  • Career Transition Workshop for Employees (1-day)
  • Change Management Training Options

Organizational Support

When an organization must restructure or reduce workforce, emotions and implications are high. STF can help organizations both internally and externally; we can support a plan you have developed or assist in creating and implementing a restructure or reduction in force.

At a minimum, STF recommends monitoring and responding to any media inquiries. We strongly encourage media training to ensure you are speaking on behalf of your organization – rather than letting rumors run wild.

  • Layoff or Reduction in Force (RIF) Planning & Management
  • Internal Communications Strategy and Execution
  • Media Relations
  • On-Camera and Media Interview Training
  • Crisis Communication Monitoring (social media, print, online, broadcast, investor, etc.)

The long term strength of your team, resilience of your culture, and retention of your remaining employees relies on intentional and considerate support throughout all levels of the organization.

If you need help navigating choppy waters during unsteady economic times, we’re here to help. We can help connect your impacted employees to new opportunities while minimizing the long term impact for your remaining team members.

Reach Out

As an executive coach, we serve as a sounding board and a strategic thought partner who help clients meet their goals. Our coaching clients experience one-on-one interactions with a skilled coach to strengthen interpersonal relationships, leading to increased accountability and an empowered culture. While the focus is usually tied to organizational goals, coaching may serve a personal component as well.

The most successful relationships are built on trust, honesty, and candor. We will conduct a 360° assessment and/or behavioral assessment. These assessments give us more insight into the coaching client’s strengths, weaknesses, and behavioral tendencies.

Other elements of the coaching process might include establishing community networking and community relations priorities, which includes introductions and expediting board placement and leadership opportunities. Also, public speaking and presentation coaching are included, as needed.

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It is imperative for organizations to have an inclusion and diversity strategy as part of their business model, employee recruitment and retention plans. With increasing buying power among minority groups, there are strong revenue and business incentives to ensuring that your organization is adhering to best practices in inclusion and diversity, both internally and in your external efforts.

We conduct inclusion assessments of a company’s current inclusion and diversity standing. This audit evaluates an organization’s talent/pipeline practices, external and internal communications, equitable talent development, CEO/leadership commitment to diversity, and supplier diversity practices. We can assist in helping build a long-term implementation plan to see these initiatives put into action in an expedient and effective manner.

In April 2017, Schnake Turnbo Frank held the inaugural Inclusion & Diversity Summit in Oklahoma City. To continue the dialogue around inclusion and diversity, Schnake Turnbo Frank created the I&D Consortium to provide leaders in the community with an opportunity to network, learn and grow with I&D experts and other community leaders on their journey to making our workplaces and communities inclusive and diverse.

If you are interested in the 2019 I&D Consortium, please email Toni Allen at toni@schnake.com

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Our Leadership & Reputation Academy is an eight-part leadership development program aimed at new and emerging leaders in and around Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Bartlesville, and Dallas. Each class is limited to 25 to 30 participants and sessions include lectures, group presentations, and role-playing. In addition to our own time-tested, proprietary content,  we draw on materials from a variety of respected sources, including the Harvard Business Review, best-selling authors, and successful corporate executives.

The program focuses on leadership development, personal development and networking. Not only is the academy beneficial to participants, but it is also beneficial to companies and organizations as a whole. This academy prepares emerging leaders, invests in talent development and is cost effective compared to out-of-state business schools.

We also offer a corporate Leadership & Reputation Academy option for organizations with 15 to 30 employees who could benefit from the leadership development program.

Our next academies start in August 2020 in Tulsa, OKC and Dallas. Tentative Topics and dates have been set.

Looking for more info on LRA? Here are some of the benefits for participants and organizations.

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Where public relations assessments often look at the external reputation of a company, an organizational assessment peer through the curtain to offer an analysis of the internal workings of an organization. It is a third-party assessment and analysis of all internal areas crucial to the success of a business.

In most cases, we review financial statements, organizational structure, internal communication channels and organizational morale research (both quantitative and qualitative). These components, along with others deemed necessary for each client, are used to provide a snapshot of the organization’s health and areas for improvement or change.

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Whether you’re speaking to a group of 12 or 1,200, presentation skills are a necessity in today’s business world. A presentation starts long before you walk to the podium. We coach on all aspects of a presentation — from planning to physical presence in front of an audience and presentation techniques.

Attendees in this presentation workshop learn how to build a presentation that is compelling and engaging, understand their unique strengths and weaknesses, tailor presentations to suit their individual styles, become aware of their physical presence, and focus the presentation around a key message. This individual or group coaching experience helps fine-tune the art of presenting.

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Professional development is more than a wise investment in the future of an organization; it reflects a dedication to the continued betterment of your employees and the overall organization. Our workshops include leadership and communication training for individuals and teams at all levels in one-hour to multi-day formats.

Training courses include:

  • Change Management
  • Conflict Management & Accountability
  • Executive Coaching
  • Humility, Grace & Community
  • Inclusion
  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Introduction to Management Styles
  • Life-Work Balance
  • Performance Management
  • Personal Branding
  • Professional Attire
  • Reputation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Building
  • Team Structure
  • Time Management & Delegation
  • Crisis Communications
  • Internal Communication
  • Media Relations & Interview Coaching
  • Persuasive Communications
  • Presentation Training
  • Public Speaking
  • Writing with Impact

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Strategic planning can be broad in nature or specific, such as growth-planning or resource development. As a precursor to developing or revising a strategic plan, our team facilitates a large group brainstorming session so leadership can use the ideas and opinions of the rest of the team in shaping a strategic plan. This process is integral in long-term success because it opens up communications channels while also ensuring company-wide buy-in.

We consider the long-term goals before developing messaging, coordinating training, creating brand identities and more. The strategic planning session will incorporate all key stakeholders and provide an outlet for discussion and direction from various levels of the organization, providing a guided path to success.

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The success of a company or organization cannot ride on the success of one leader or one leadership team. Its future success relies on its future leaders and future management teams. It is critical to an organization’s sustainability to identify tomorrow’s leaders, develop them effectively and prepare them for future leadership roles. This practice helps leaders develop a plan for a seamless handoff, and ensure long-term growth.

We help clients navigate leadership changes, retirements, executive searches and ownership transitions. The succession planning process includes identifying and developing future leaders, hiring high-performing professionals and planning for the succession of everyone from C-suite positions to people-managers.

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Organizations are strongest when working as a collaborative team. We put great emphasis on team building as part of a company or organization’s business strategy. Many times, people believe that team building is only needed for organizations facing conflicts or apathy. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Our team building workshops begin with creating a productive atmosphere where communication is open and the leadership team can define goals, work through difficult issues, reinforce and learn new communication skills, resolve conflicts, create a vision of the future, and develop the strategies needed to achieve that vision. Activities and exercises within each workshop vary based on size and objectives for the session.

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Our virtual coaching program makes it easier than ever to participate in an executive coaching program when locations or schedules don’t line up. Clients can access convenient remote coaching wherever they happen to be in the world, with the ability to set up coaching sessions quickly to meet immediate and unexpected needs.

As an executive coach, we serve as a sounding board and a strategic thought partner who helps the coaching client meet improvement goals. Our coaching experience involves one-on-one interactions between the coaching client and a skilled coach to strengthen interpersonal relationships, leading to increased accountability and an empowered culture. While the focus is usually tied to organizational goals, coaching may serve a personal component as well.

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