Public Relations, Strategic Communications, Integrated Communications – whatever you want to call it, we have almost 50 years of building relationships between organizations and their stakeholders.

Organizations are no longer known simply for the goods or services they provide, but by their commitment to the community. This commitment is measured by charitable giving, volunteering and employee involvement.

We help our clients find strategic, brand-building opportunities to get involved in the community they work or play in through connecting organizations and individuals to nonprofits, giving them sound advice regarding contributions or by developing an overall community relations strategy.

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A crisis can happen at any moment. How an organization responds within the first 60 minutes after a crisis happens, can make or break even the best reputations. Managing a crisis, whatever the size, requires decisions to be made quickly and wisely.

We offer 24/7 crisis response services. When a crisis first hits, we provide in-depth evaluations of the situation and determine the necessary communications. We then work to identify target audiences, communication channels, and key messages in order to turn a crisis into an opportunity for positive growth and public awareness.

Planning is the key to any crisis response. We offer half-day crisis communications training to practice and plan for a crisis. A key element to any crisis management is developing a crisis communication plan. We work with clients to develop a crisis plan with key messages.

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Special events can often be the cornerstone of public relations, communications or marketing campaign. From grand openings and kick-off campaigns to company milestones and community events to fundraisers, we have the experience in creating and executing events that help clients achieve their business objectives.

We can manage the entire event process from planning and advance awareness, to day-of assistance and post-event media coverage. We work closely with clients to brainstorm and position the overall event experience, including logistics, giveaways, photography, contests, social media check-ins and more.

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Today’s faith-based organizations face an increasing number of opportunities and challenges. From public relations strategy, crisis management, strategic communications, to stewardship consulting, stakeholder research and strategic planning, we are poised to serve your needs.

Several of our team members have first-hand experience in working for faith-based universities and organizations, both inside and as a consultant. We have a strong passion for helping faith-based organizations gain strength, grow numbers and enhance their reputation.

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Public policy is usually shaped by a convergence of citizens, affected stakeholders, the media and public officials. We put together the pieces to ensure those strategies and messages are aligned. Drawing on the team’s detailed understanding of the political process, we have developed an array of campaigns that help educate, inform and ultimately persuade the public and policymakers to take action.

We have a team of government relations professionals who have a reputation of performance at every level. The team maintains solid relationships with government groups from City Hall to the U.S. Capitol, and engages in research, lobbying, agency outreach and grassroots mobilization.

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We have all seen cases where names and reputation are forever damaged, even if found not guilty. No one wants to win in the court of law and lose in the court of public opinion. Not only that, but the reputation of an entire organization can be damaged, regardless of who was involved in the legal case.

In today’s digital and social world, it is more important than ever to pay attention to public dialogue surrounding a legal case. We help clients prepare for litigation and shape dialogue surrounding the case. We blend our experience in areas of business, government and media relations to help navigate any legal situation. We have been involved with several national cases involving litigation communication, and have managed public relations around criminal lawsuits, national class action suits and corporate restructurings, among others.

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The key to a successful marketing communications plan isn’t just reaching a large audience; it’s reaching the right audience for your needs. By developing strategy first and the tools to support that strategy, our clients can distinguish themselves in highly competitive markets.

We develop year-long comprehensive communications plans that use data-driven messages to target key media methods and outlets (print, radio, direct mail, social media, etc.) that reach target audiences. We can also help with creative development for collateral materials including prin and digital.

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When the media shows up at your doorstep, it is critical to have the know-how and experience to effectively communicate with the media. And when your company has great news to share, it is equally important to have a trained spokesperson to tell your story.

For more than 45 years, our firm has assisted companies and organizations in successfully preparing for media interviews. We have refined and designed a proprietary training program featuring an interactive, practical learning exercise that helps participants develop the tools to effectively represent their organizations to the media.

These half-day sessions can accommodate group sizes ranging from one to eight persons and include:

  • On-camera practice
  • Customized scenarios
  • Instruction on message development
  • Case studies
  • Constructive critique for each participant

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With a staff consisting of former members of the media, we have decades of experience working with and for the media. Journalists and news directors want timely information from credible, accessible sources, and we help connect our clients with the media to proactively obtain third-party endorsements, project positive public images and create better brand awareness.

With offices in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City, our firm has strong relationships with media throughout the state. We also have a strong track record of working with regional and national media outlets for targeted stories. Our team identifies the right outlets for our clients’ target markets and works to secure coverage in those publications. In addition to connecting our clients with the right journalists, we also provide interview coaching, message development and news writing services.

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Message development is key for driving home concepts, conveying accurate emotion, and creating internal and external brand ambassadors. Message development is more than a mission, a vision or a tagline. Creating a baseline message strategy will guide every email, every presentation, and even internal and external conversations.

We begin a communication strategy by reviewing existing messaging. Whether recreating, tweaking or launching a message strategy, our team will conduct an analysis of competitor messaging, current brand techniques and revitalized brand goals. Prioritizing these three key areas will provide a framework for a brand message that resonates across all communication channels.

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We believe in giving back to the communities in Oklahoma City and Tulsa that have so generously supported us throughout the years. There are people fighting for amazing causes and solutions for their communities all over the world, but oftentimes, awareness can be a huge obstacle. With the right messaging and tactics, public education campaigns can help to inform various audiences about specific issues and causes that could change their lives and communities for the better.

We incorporate various aspects of strategic communications into public education campaigns. As with the public relations industry, we know it all starts with building relationships. Whether it be with legislators, business leaders or government agencies, strong relationships with key stakeholders are essential for spreading the word about an issue. Campaigns can also include research, event planning, digital engagement, stakeholder education, earned media and other tactics we see fit for getting your organization’s name and mission in front of the eyes of your audience.

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Strong reputations don’t form on their own. Most often, the strongest reputations are intentional. We see a direct correlation between an organization’s reputation and its leadership. Where there’s a high-performing organization with a strong reputation, it’s typically reflective of leadership. Effective management and strong public relations aren’t mutually exclusive. They’re linked.

Reputation management takes planning. Our team uses its expertise to assess your current state, develop a clear vision for where you want to be, and put into action a comprehensive and measurable plan. We work with leaders to strengthen an organization’s structure, its leadership and management teams, and its relationships with various publics – resulting in an enhanced reputation.

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We believe research is the first step to any successful public relations plan, organizational assessment or strategic communications. Using an outside source for research can often be beneficial because stakeholders and audiences are more comfortable and open giving honest responses that they know will be anonymous.

We specialize in both qualitative and quantitative research and can manage the entire process from survey development, distribution to focus group recruitment and facilitation. We also conduct one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders and target audiences to learn more about an organization.

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As part of our integrated communications strategy, we offer a variety of social media services to ensure all digital activity supports our clients’ overall communications objectives. From digital media platform branding, organization and optimization to content creation and analysis – we help businesses reach their core audiences through effective social media interactions.

Our ability to match messages, campaigns, initiatives and audiences with appropriate digital platforms is what sets us apart. We generate online content by creating an editorial calendar to organize, plan and disseminate appropriate and timely messaging across all communication channels. We also help create policy and guidelines for our clients so content, imagery and core messaging are consistent across all platforms and reflect positively on the organization and its employees. Then we utilize a variety of listening platforms to effectively measure and alter messaging to be as efficient as possible.

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Video is one of the leading tools to engage an audience, whether in person or through online digital engagement. No matter the style — corporate, promotional, documentary, heartstrings, safety or historic — we can make your vision a reality.

We bring a journalistic perspective to video production. Jack Frank, director of visual content, brings a vast knowledge of broadcasting and media experience. As a former assignment manager for Channel 2 (KJRH) and Tulsa station manager for OETA (PBS), Jack knows how the media operates and knows what it takes to make the news. In addition to being one of the firm’s go-to individuals for video production and media training, Jack has produced a series of successful documentaries through his company, Jack Frank Productions. We also have an in-house studio with a green screen to accommodate broadcast-quality interviews, LED lighting, and professional cameras for high-quality video and photography.

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Writing well is a key to any communication. Every form of writing has its nuances. What works for broadcast won’t work for social media. And what works in an op-ed can fall flat in a speech. And what works in a promotional brochure won’t work for internal communication. Regardless of the medium, the audience or the format, we have the experience to develop communication to meet the needs of any organization.

We have written copy for websites, brochures or other promotional materials, social media, speeches, newsletters, internal communication materials to name a few.

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