Schnake Turnbo Frank is skilled at guiding employers through a restructuring process, ultimately minimizing the risk of ill-will and avoiding a potential crisis, by providing outplacement services to displaced employees, crisis communication support and personalized trainings to support remaining managers.

Employee Support

STF recommends Career Transition Coaching and Career Transition Workshops to equip employees with the tools and support needed to move forward and succeed. Services include results-driven job search, assessment tools, resume preparation, LinkedIn/Online profile preparation, interactive interviewing, offer negotiation support, networking and recruiter connections. STF can also provide an office workspace to coaching candidates by sharing our Tulsa and Oklahoma City offices.

  • Career Transition Coaching for Executive Team Members
    • Also available for Junior Executives and Key Executives.
  • Career Transition Workshop & Personality Assessment for Mid-Level Leaders (2-day)
  • Career Transition Workshop for Employees (1-day)
  • Change Management Training Options

Organizational Support

When an organization must restructure or reduce workforce, emotions and implications are high. STF can help organizations both internally and externally; we can support a plan you have developed or assist in creating and implementing a restructure or reduction in force.

At a minimum, STF recommends monitoring and responding to any media inquiries. We strongly encourage media training to ensure you are speaking on behalf of your organization – rather than letting rumors run wild.

  • Layoff or Reduction in Force (RIF) Planning & Management
  • Internal Communications Strategy and Execution
  • Media Relations
  • On-Camera and Media Interview Training
  • Crisis Communication Monitoring (social media, print, online, broadcast, investor, etc.)

The long term strength of your team, resilience of your culture, and retention of your remaining employees relies on intentional and considerate support throughout all levels of the organization.

If you need help navigating choppy waters during unsteady economic times, we’re here to help. We can help connect your impacted employees to new opportunities while minimizing the long term impact for your remaining team members.

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