Tips to #FlattenTheCurve While Supporting Your Community

Working from Home & Other Tips to Flatten the Curve While Supporting Your Community

As our global community, country, state and cities work together to support public health and safety in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak, we can all do our part as individuals to flatten the curve. As we move to remote work and prioritize social distancing, STF has some tips for what we can do as individuals to cope with these changes and support our local economy and communities.

Working from Home

As companies transition to remote work in order to flatten the exponential spread of coronavirus, STF has a few tips to help you work productively from home:

  1. Ensure your tech set up
    As you start your remote working endeavors, ensure that all your tech is set up correctly. From laptops to webcams to other necessary applications, make sure all your telecommunications lines are open with your employer and clients. You can’t get the work done if you don’t have the right tools. Contact your IT services and ensure everything you need will work from your home.
  2. Carve out a space
    Find a space in your house where you can focus where there typically isn’t a lot of action. If you have a home office, great. If not, carve out a corner in your dining room, living room or bedroom to work. Make sure you have enough space to stretch out with your computer and other necessary supplies like a notepad and pens. Having your own space will help encourage your productivity.
  3. Set up a routine
    To prevent temptations to procrastinate and slack off, establish a routine for yourself. In the morning, get dressed and brew your coffee as if you were making your commute to the office. This will help prepare you for the work day. Throughout your day, schedule time for focused work and for short breaks. At the end of the day, log off and distance yourself from your workspace. This schedule will help you maintain a work-life balance as you work remotely.

Supporting Your Local Community

As our community faces health and economic hardship, here are some helpful ways we can support one another and make sure our favorite local businesses can open their doors again soon:

  1. Shop Smart
    When grocery shopping, limit your purchases to two quantities of any item. This will ensure there are enough items to go around. Additionally, if you see a price tag marked “WIC” try to pick a different brand of that item. “WIC” indicates that the item is approved for the federal supplemental nutrition program. If “WIC” items run out, individuals on the program will leave the store empty handed. Shop smart to ensure everyone can stock up for social distancing.
  2. Check on Your Neighbors and Friends
    With today’s technology it is easier than ever to check in with each other from afar. Use video chat, text and phone calls to check in on the well-being of your friends and neighbors regularly.

With these tips, we hope you will join us in doing our part to flatten the curve and support our community.

Authored by Madeline Roper. Photo by Christine Sandu on Unsplash.