Why 2019 is the Year of Leadership Development.

We want you to be a leader in your organization or department, not just a boss. So, we’re calling 2019 the year of leadership development.

We realize it’s the middle of January and all of the hot takes on professional and personal development have already been shared but here are a few of the reasons why we feel leadership development is so important:

  1. We believe there is a direct correlation between an organization’s reputation and its leadership.
  2. Excelling at the next level requires relationship-building, conflict management, strategic thinking, and presentation skills, to name a few.
  3. Leadership development boosts employee engagement and retention.

There are a couple ways to grow in your profession in 2019. Consider joining a professional networking group, sign up for a leadership development class, join a master class or find an executive coach or mentor.

For the fifth year, Schnake Turnbo Frank is continuing to advance professionals through our Leadership & Reputation Academy, an intense eight-part executive education course aimed at new and emerging leaders. We offer classes in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Bartlesville and Dallas. Learn more about Leadership & Reputation Academy.