David Wagner Receives Award from Rotary International

Our very own David Wagner received an award from Rotary International. The award recognizes Rotarians who strive to “Be the Inspiration” in their local communities. David was nominated by an anonymous fellow Rotarian who stated this in the award application:

“David Wagner is the real-deal. When you first get to know David, you experience a polite and inquisitive professional with boundless energy. These more noticeable traits, while fantastic, overshadow some of his best. David has a gift for empathy, and a genuine desire to make the world a better place through acts of service extended to his fellow man in quiet ways, that most often do not receive accolades. David whistles. To himself. If you look it up in fancy scientific studies, whistling is a trait most often displayed by an individual possessing a positive nature at their core. David’s boss once said of him “David is one of those people that make me a better person.” David is the first one in his office most days. Often before the sun is up. We are pretty sure he is whistling.”

We couldn’t agree more! Read more about David’s dedication to the community.