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Schnake Turnbo Frank is a consulting firm that specializes in public relations and leadership development. For 45+ years we’ve been serving clients nationwide. With more than 15 employees in offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, we recognize that a diverse workforce - in ideology, ethnicity, background and beliefs - creates an invigorating culture. We thrive on creativity, humility, innovation, open-mindedness and fresh ideas. Let’s chat.

Schnake Turnbo Frank History

In 1970, when our founder, Chuck Schnake, learned of his employer’s plans to move him to Philadelphia, he had other ideas. He hung out his shingle in downtown Tulsa and opened his one-man public relations shop.

Meanwhile, Steve Turnbo had left the advertising business and put out a shingle of his own. Business was good in 1982 when Chuck asked him if he’d like to have breakfast one Sunday morning. “There’s only one person I would have merged with,” Steve said. “Chuck was the best and most principled PR practitioner I knew. When he invited me to join him, it was an easy decision.” Thus, Schnake Turnbo & Associates was formed. MORE

A few years after Chuck tried, but failed retirement, Steve called his friend Becky Frank, who had built a career in nonprofit and corporate PR, to be a part of the team.

Becky joined as a partner in 2000 and in 2006 was named Chief Executive Officer. Six months after joining the firm, Becky recruited her long-time friend and co-worker of 20 years, Russ Florence. Seven years later, Russ became a partner and now serves as President & Chief Operating Officer.

In the spring of 2010, Aaron Fulkerson joined the team to lead the firm’s rapidly growing management consulting division. Aaron was named partner in 2012 and now serves as Chief Development Officer. David Wagner joined the firm in 2010 as region President and Chief Administration Officer. David became a partner in 2016 and now serves as Chief Financial Officer.

Becky, Russ, Aaron and David now own the firm, while Steve Turnbo remains onboard as chairman emeritus. The firm, still headquartered in Tulsa, opened an Oklahoma City office in 2008 and conducts business with clients across the country. With more than 15 employees, the company continues to thrive under its original principles.

What We Believe

Our clients are our lifeblood. They are the key to our success, our growth and our future. Service is our top priority. We thrive on creativity, humility, innovation, open-mindedness and fresh ideas. We recognize that with empowerment comes responsibility. We celebrate the achievements of our employees and reward them for high performance.  MORE

We value hard work and teamwork. We believe in continuous education about our profession, our community and our world. We believe in giving back to the communities that have so generously supported us.

We expect leadership from ourselves, and respect and kindness for others. We support a positive work environment and believe that healthy conflict can be productive and stimulating. We practice good sportsmanship and are respectful of our competition. We are committed to high ethical standards.

We realize that balance is a key component to quality of life. We recognize that a diverse workforce – in ideology, ethnicity, background and beliefs – creates an invigorating culture.

We believe in listening, a tenet championed by our founder, Chuck Schnake. We feel it is essential in our work and that client counsel should be honest and forthright.

Our goal is to make life better. For our clients, our employees and our communities.

Becky J. Frank

Partner and Chair
Becky J. Frank joined the firm as a partner in 2000. Since then, the company more than tripled in si... Read More

Russ Florence

Partner, President and Chief Executive Officer
Russ Florence is partner, president and chief executive officer. Read More

David Wagner

Partner and Chief Financial Officer
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Aaron Fulkerson

Partner and Chief Development Officer
Aaron Fulkerson joined the company in the spring of 2010, and became a partner in February 2012. Aar... Read More

Hannah Jackson

Partner, Chief Operating Officer and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Director
Hannah Jackson serves as partner, chief operating officer and diversity, equity and inclusion direct... Read More

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