Thank you to everyone who attended our 2023 I&D Summit on Sept. 27, 2023! Stay tuned for information on our 2025 Summit. 

Keynote Speakers


Kelli McLoud-Schingen

Listening to Lead

Kelli McLoud-Schingen is Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the University of Tulsa and President of KMS Intercultural Consulting.  She is a Global Diversity and Inclusion Specialist with over 30 years’ experience in the Diversity and Intercultural Fields.  Kelli specializes in healing racism, cross-cultural competence, conflict resolution/mediation, storytelling and inclusive leadership.


Erika Lucas

Vesting Women: The case for why investing in women-led companies redefining how we work and integrate life, is the most profitable thing we can do.

Erika Lucas is an active Angel Investor and the Co-Founder of StitchCrew and VEST. In partnership with the NBA Team, the Oklahoma City Thunder she runs an accelerator program to connect high growth entrepreneurs with the capital, resources and networks they need to launch and scale businesses in the middle of the country. Her Ted Talk "America's Trillion Dollar Blindspot" is highly regarded in the Startup and Venture space because it addresses the systemic barriers of entry for women and entrepreneurs of color.

Breakout Speakers

Regina and Adam Lane

Switching Lanes: Embracing Inclusion and Accessibility for All Workers

Elian Hurtado

Embracing Your Authenticity and Holding Yourself Accountable

Morgan Allen-White and Cara Golden

Cultivating Curiosity: The Mindset of an Inclusive Leader

Lyndi Zavy

Cheerleading from the Quicksand

Crystal Carter

Please Don't Say That: Developing Habits of Culturally Effective People

Alex Towler-Bliss

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in Workplace Policy

Jazzy Bivar

Strategically Squishy Leadership

Shagah Zakerion

Unlocking Team Potential: Navigating Personality Differences for Effective Collaboration

Shalynne Jackson

Leadership Accountability and Buy-In

Veronica Laizure

Allah Who Akbar? How and Why to Cultivate Religious Diversity in the Workplace

Quraysh Ali Lansana

A Time & Place: Historical Trauma Racial Healing Circle

Alyssa Provencio

Allyship Panel

Elizabeth Hamlin

Allyship Panel

Adam Soltani

Allyship Panel

Tanisha Woods

Being Comfortable in Uncomfortable Spaces

Derrick Sier

Grace in the Workplace