Ways to improve relationships with co-workers

To some, the thought of developing relationships with co-workers is a daunting idea. But it can lead to valuable partnerships which are mutually beneficial in business. And if that’s not enough, these relationships are sure to come in handy the next time you’re on a tight deadline or need some support.

Here are three quick tips for improving your relationship with co-workers.

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Succession planning – Follow through with development

Every week I read another article in Forbes, Harvard Business Review or Inc. about the importance of succession planning. Most discuss how vital succession planning is for organizations. Although I couldn’t agree more, we often see clients struggle in one particular area, following through with development. It is fairly easy to outline the ideal structure of an organization—who the top leaders should be, what their profile and competencies will look like, and then identifying potential successors.

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Executive Search – Three qualities to look for

An executive search may be one of the most rewarding processes an organization can go through. Although the process can be tedious, when the search is done right the return on investment is immensely valuable.

When conducting executive searches for clients, we generally see them looking to fill an externally facing role. The organization is looking for a new face and image, and someone who can represent their organization well. A person with an externally facing role will make impressions on people in 15 seconds or less—when it comes to the success of your organization, first impressions absolutely matter.

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Leaders should seek meaningful achievements

Each birthday, I’m reminded of how much I love the aging process, odd as that may sound; maybe not so much for the slowing down of the metabolism, but for how much I’ve learned about life and about leadership. I think about the experiences I’ve had, the mistakes I’ve made and the successes I’ve enjoyed, and how each opportunity continues to mold who I am and what’s important to me.

No matter our age, as life rolls along, we need to stay mindful of assessing our growth and the direction we’re headed. We need to regularly assess our destination and push ourselves toward accomplishing new meaningful achievements.

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How to Build a Faith-based Organization’s Reputation

Reputation is essential for any business to thrive and it is especially important for a faith-based organization. A solid reputation is what gives people the confidence to do business with you. Whether your faith-based organization is a church, university, private school or a ministry, having a good reputation in the eyes of the customers, employees, donors and members is vital.

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Three Ways Your Company Can Handle A Crisis When Decision Makers Are Out

What happens when the phone rings and there’s a crisis? Your initial response is to call your usual crisis response “go to” person. What if they aren’t available? Take a deep breath, gather your thoughts and lead. Following these three steps can help you to manage a crisis as effectively and efficiently as the pros do.

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Retaining Your Best Talent in an Employee’s Market

The national headlines are still focusing on unemployment, but things are actually looking pretty good in Tulsa and businesses should take notice. If you live in Tulsa or not, here are three ways to help you retain your best talent while in an employee’s market, which is when the unemployment rate is under 6 percent.

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